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Wyclef Jean to perform at WEEDCon Hollywood Expo

Hollywood, CA WPI Songwriter, actor and entrepreneur Wyclef Jean, will be performing on January 23rd 2020 at WEEDCon Wonderland Cannabis Expo in Hollywood, CA. WEEDCon will feature distributors, brands and farms with an investor education conference. Wyclef Jean has won three Grammy Awards for his music and is currently expanding his entertainment industry focus to business like international publishing and distribution through his Carnival World Music Group.
Performing on January 22nd will be Robby Krieger and the New Experience. Robby has partnered Cali Life Cannabis with his new brand coming out in February of 2020, Robby’s Perception by Robby Krieger. “We at Cali Life are excited about the fact that we have partnered with Robby to bring to the public an exciting brand to market for the public to enjoy.” Says Cali Life Founder, Robert Huck.
WEEDCon guests will enjoy music with Doors Guitarist, Robby Krieger and the New Experience, along with Fred Tackett of Little Feat and special performance by Wyclef. The expo will include a compliance seminar with Treez, Farmers Market, a Health and Wellness Area, Cannabis Investing 101 with Safety Harbor Capital, and the WEEDCon Buyers Cup awards with celebrity judge David Crosby.
Cannabis Contributes is a way for cannabis companies to contribute to their communities through nonprofit, Safety Harbor Kids. Safety Harbor Kids (SHK), provides education programs in the areas of college, career, music and the arts for parentless children. SHK is supported by music industry icons like SHK Board Member Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Robby Krieger, Danny Seraphine, Tony Braunagel, Albert Lee, Fred Tackett, Peter Asher, the late great Paul Barrere and others. WEEDCon ticket sales go to education programs to benefit disadvantaged children.
Exhibitors at WEEDCon include Greenstone Distribution, Cali Life Cannabis, Robby’s Perception, Hush, Genius Products, Palomar Craft Cannabis, Honey Dew Farms, Manzanita Naturals, APOP Media, Dreamt, California Dreamin’, Sensi Magazine, Lola Lola, Top Shelf Cannabis, Greenshock Farms, Big Sur Extracts, Papa & Barkley, Sunderstorm, Kushy Punch, ILO Vapor, Humboldt Seed Company, Nuvata, Chef Matt, Edibles List, NUGL, Safety Harbor Capital, The Packaging Company, New World Packaging, BDS Analytics, Anresco Labs, Rove, Treez, Green Bits, Weedopoloy420, High Season, Subherb, Elite California, and Sun Brand CBD. Visit
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