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What do people do after microdosing cannabis?

I’ve never been a very big weed gal. The feeling of being high was always kind of overwhelming to me — it made me feel more anxious than fun and mellow. But after moving to Los Angeles and hearing all my friends talk up the potential perks of microdosing and edibles and CBD (and beyond), I decided to give the whole cannabis thing another shot.

And holy mother of herbals am I glad I did. For me, annoying chores have become easy and pleasant, awkward social interactions have shifted into more manageable moments, and already-fun activities have become even more enjoyable. The best part: low-dose edibles like Do Drops don’t make me feel out of control or traditionally “high” — instead, I’m cool as a cucumber and on my game.

Read on to hear about a few of my favorite microdosing activities and get inspired to see any daily activity as an opportunity to capitalize on some positive vibes.

Walking with my dog

I live on the east side of LA, which means there are tons of parks and neighborhood strolls within walking distance of my house. So when I head out with my pup, I love taking a low-dose edible (think: under 5mg) on a walk with me. For one thing, it makes me feel much more in tune with the world around me — the sounds, smells, and California views are all slightly heightened. But the best part is I’m not tempted to spend the entire walk looking down at my phone. I know it’s kind of counterintuitive (usually people think feeling high means lazing around on the couch), but a low-dose edible actually makes light exercise feel more pleasant and less like work for me. Endorphins, baby!

First dates

In my early 20s, my go-to first date was always heading to a bar for drinks. It’s a plan that often backfires — you’re having fun so you imbibe a little too much, and then by the end of the night you’re not sure if you actually like the person sitting across from you or if you’re just tipsy.

Now, I opt for cannabis instead of alcohol. The most important difference: I’m able to actually focus on the other person and what they are saying, and suss out if I’m actually into them without a cloud of cocktails impairing my judgement. Plus, microdosing calms my jitters, and makes me feel more confident and at ease — it helps me just be myself.

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Published: November 02, 2021

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