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What cannabis-buying apps mean for consumers and retailers

Not long ago, the cannabis and tech industries were abuzz with the groundbreaking news that Apple would allow cannabis-selling apps into its App Store, under certain guidelines.

The new policy was announced as part of updates to Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines, and marked the very first time that one of the biggest leaders in tech Big Tech brought forth explicit changes that sanction the legal cannabis market on its platform.

(Before this shift, cannabis app users were redirected to a web-based service to complete their sales and delivery.)

This has been heralded as a major move towards federal legalization. Just as importantly, it is a huge victory for both consumers and businesses of all sizes.

Recent analysis from tech company jmango360 reports that 70% of Americans have smartphones, and 50% have tablets.

Those two categories drive more than 70% of all digital traffic in the United States.

Moreover, they said, “recent research shows that 90% of their mobile time is spent in apps, and only 10% browsing the rest of the internet. In the ecommerce space, the contrast is even more glaring” — mobile app users spend twice as many minutes per month shopping compared to website users.

This means a whole new experience for many cannabis sellers and buyers. Here are a few of the key differences in what this means:

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Published: September 02, 2021

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