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Weedmaps-linked marijuana manufacturing, distribution venture poised to proceed in West Sacramento, California

A company that’s aiming to become a licensed cannabis business hub in West Sacramento, California, with ties to the online marijuana advertising site Weedmaps is poised to proceed – if the City Council gives its approval Sept. 4.

The development comes on the heels of Weedmaps’ announcement that it will cease advertising for unlicensed marijuana businesses sometime this year.

The situation could lead to a showdown between the company and California regulators if they believe Weedmaps’ dealings with illicit MJ operators since early 2018 is enough to warrant further scrutiny for at least one state business permit.

And if the company succeeds in getting a full annual permit, it could set a precedent for other cannabis business owners on how to avoid scrapes with industry overseers.

Here are the basics:

  • However, it appears they potentially may still have stakes in the company.On the schedule for West Sacramento’s meeting next week is the approval of an amended development agreement for West Coast Cure, a company that does business as WCC Management.
  • The company’s stated goal is to “conduct wholesale cannabis logistics/distribution/transportation, cannabis manufacturing and commercial indoor cannabis cultivation” out of its West Sacramento headquarters.
  • According to city records, WCC Management has merged with DICA Distribution, a limited liability corporation that was formed by Weedmaps CEO Doug Francis and general counsel Chris Beals.
  • DICA was dissolved in June, according to state records, and now it’s not clear if Francis and Beals – who defied an order by state regulators in 2018 to cease advertising for illegal marijuana retailers before changing course last week – retained any ownership stakes in WCC.

However, it appears they potentially may still have stakes in the company.

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Published: August 29, 2019

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