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The Best Cities in America for Next-Level Cannabis Experiences

Less than a decade ago, if you wanted to legally smoke cannabis without a medical card, you likely were dreaming of a trip to Amsterdam. Today, 11 states have legalized recreational cannabis (with more to certainly come), making it extremely easy to have a cannabis-forward vacation experience without having to bring your passport along.

Cannabis has unlocked excellent excuses to visit places that might not already be on your radar, be it a chill Massachusetts beach town flanked by dispensaries or a West Coast hamlet where great food pairs with potent flower. But what makes a truly great destination for those who dream in green isn’t just a wealth of good dispensaries and things to look at. It’s the presence of a whole cannabis culture wrapped around excellent activities, food, drink, people… and yeah, a lot of great dispensaries and things to look at. With the help of our most trusted cannabis explorers around the US, we rounded up the places for your next heady adventure. Be sure to bookmark this story, just in case something might compel you to forget to visit one of America’s best cannabis destinations.

Los Angeles, California

Feel free to treat Los Angeles like it’s cannabis Candyland, only instead of a Peppermint Forest or Molasses Swamp there are amazing places to explore like Wisdome’s immersive art park, conveyor belt sushi bars, Korean day spas, and beach boardwalks where you can ride those fun e-scooters that everyone hates. It might not have been the first city to legalize, but LA is by far the biggest, and it’s flush with 420-friendly experiences, well-curated dispensaries, and leaders in cannabis media like High Times, Merry Jane, and Civilized.

Visit the Original Cannabis Cafe, a landmark toke patio that opened in West Hollywood in 2019 offering up pre-rolls and blunts from stalwart brands like CalivaStone Road, and Henry’s Original along with infused eats and rentable accessories for those who want to dabble in concentrates or smoke out of a classy Bud Vase flower bong. Take any pastime and cross it with great bud and there’s likely an established community for it in LA: a Cannabis Supper Club for culinary-types, the 420 Games for athletes, and an often-mesmerizing Stoned Video Game League. There’s cannabis-centric events from Hazy and Grassfed and, for the biggest of aficionados, opportunities to visit a local grow-op as part of LA Hemp Tours or get far out in a glass-blowing factory with Tommy Chong on Green Tours. — Sean Cooley

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Published: March 11, 2020

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