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The $59 Cannabis Shake That Won’t Get You High

A new West Hollywood café is selling custom cannabis-infused chocolates and shakes, but would you be willing to pay $59 to try one?

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – A new health and wellness cafe opened in West Hollywood last week called Swissx Plant Pharmacy and Food Lab, with Cannabidiol, colloquially called CBD, as the menu’s focal point. One of the offerings include a $59 cannabis shake, but thanks to the CBD it won’t get you high.

Although CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t have the psychoactive or high-inducing components of THC, according to Eater Los Angeles. Swissx uses CBD that comes from Switzerland – add some top of the line vegan ingredients and supplements, and that $59 price tag suddenly makes sense.

The cafe features comfortable seating, Buddha statues, and iPads to process orders, which starts with a screen selection asking about specific ailments or concerns, according to Eater LA. Although Swissx currently only offers chocolates and shakes, patrons can concoct custom orders in addition to ordering straight off the menu.

Greek billionaire Alki David is the mastermind behind Swissx, and he brought in neuropsychologist Dr. Joseph Barsuglia as a medical adviser for the business, according to the Swissx website.

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Published: May 14, 2018

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