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Redondo Beach City Council pauses retail marijuana ordinance

Another chance to pass the city’s retail marijuana ordinance is expected Aug. 16. Easy Reader file photo

The Redondo Beach city council paused its retail marijuana ordinance Tuesday night to check on the possibility of a public vote for it in March – a chance to supersede a competing initiative on the ballot in October.

The move followed a unanimous July 18 council decision to pass the city’s ordinance, allowing two stores in town.

“If we put ours on the docket in March, it overrides theirs if theirs passes,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Nils Nehrenheim.

Tuesday’s development began with Nehrenheim broaching the question of a people’s vote for the council ordinance next spring.

“Never having  been confronted with this,” said City Attorney Mike Webb, beginning his answer. He noted that Redondo Beach could have first proposed its ordinance as an initiative, as other South Bay cities have.

What the council did two weeks ago was approve the first reading of the ordinance. All that remained was to pass the second reading Tuesday night.

“This becomes law in 30 days,” said Webb, if the council proceeded with a second-reading stamp.

They did not.

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Published: August 04, 2022

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