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Realize your ganja vacation fantasy

Written by: Norman Lawrence

Admit it: You have a ganja vacation fantasy. Maybe you haven’t said that out loud to yourself or another soul. But come on. You’ve daydreamed about a week or more of sunny days and cool nights somewhere beachy, wearing as little as decency allows, with all the weed your little stoner heart desires within close reach. 

An “and a joint” vacation

This is clearly an “and a joint” holiday. You see yourself rising in the morning with a cup of joe “and a joint”; lounging by the pool with a cold one “and a joint”: walking along the beach after a lazy lunch with your bae “and a joint”. You get the idea. But where on god’s green earth can you do this? 

You cann. In Jamaica 

Guess what? You can do this. In Jamaica. I’m not talking about buying black market weed from your taxi driver or some beach rando. I’m talking about a real  “and a joint” getaway, through GanjaVacations.

Plan and book like any other vacation

GanjaVacations is a vacation portal for cannabis experiences in Jamaica. It allows you to research, plan and book your weed vacation with information about such things as ganja friendly resorts, dispensaries (a.k.a. “herb houses”), activities, and tours. GanjaVacations has dozens of ganja vacation packages at hostels to luxury villas and everything in between. Some of these places are in popular tourist towns, others in quaint fishing villages and some, high up in the Jamaican mountains. (Pun intended.) All are ganja friendly; some evangelically so.

Book a “package”, not just rooms

Unlike other vacation portals, you don’t just book rooms on GanjaVacations; you book a “package” with the room, transportation, meals, tours, and some form of ganja experience included. These packages are not available anywhere else—not even from the participating resorts themselves.

Do I have your attention yet?

The overwhelming majority of GanjaVacations’ resort partners are along Jamaica’s north and southwest coasts. That means flying into Montego Bay, where the airport is very close to town and your weed immersion can start with a visit to an herb house within minutes of exiting the airport. Many ganja tourists use this as an opportunity to pick up some goodies for the ride to the resort—which can be up to 90 minutes, or so. Time to burn, in other words.

But wait. Is weed legal in Jamaica?

It is legal to possess up to two ounces, and you can buy this at any of the many herb houses all over the island. They will accept whatever prescription you already have. And if you don’t have one? “No problem, man.” Their onsite medical staff will issue a card in no time flat if you are over the age of 18. And violating the law will not result in a criminal record or jail time; it’s a $2 fine.

So, what do you do on a ganja vacation?

Whatever, man. You can sit by the pool or the beach and puff all day. You can chill at an herb house and then linger for lunch and sample your purchases in a smoking lounge overlooking the ocean. You can blow a couple hours with an eager weed farmer and learn about his methods and strain and, of course, sample some of that cheeba yourself. If you like reggae, you’ll love a Bob Marley or Peter “Legalize It” Tosh-themed historical tour.

15% discount for LA Cannabis News readers

There are dozens of vacation packages on the GanjaVacations website. But what if you don’t see anything that fits your exact requirements? Chill. They’ll customize one for you. Doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone, with your boo or with buds—the human kind. (Don’t do anything stupid and get detained in the States.) GanjaVacations will make your ganja vacation fantasy come true. And to make it real easy for you, use the coupon code LACN for a 15% discount on any package booked through October 31, 2021.

Published: September 16, 2021

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