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Palm Springs is Accepting Cannabis Applications with No Deadline!

The world of commercial cannabis applications is ever changing.  Each California city takes it upon themselves to decide why, when and what form of commercial cannabis business they will allow into their jurisdiction.  Some cities have hard application deadlines, while others see it as an opportunity to bring in additional revenue and accept applications on an ongoing basis. Palm Springs is one of these cities.

Palm Springs is a California city with a mere 50,000 people but covers almost 100 square miles, making it the 10th largest California city by land area.  Palm Springs adopted ordinances in late 2017 that allowed for commercial cannabis activities, and now they are accepting applications with no end date in site.

Palm Springs Cannabis Licenses

Palm Springs is accepting applications for the following cannabis business activities:

  • Dispensaries
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing (Non-Volatile)
  • Testing Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Distribution Facilities

The city approves of both medicinal & adult-use cannabis.

Submit a Palm Springs Cannabis Application

Palm Springs does a nice job of organizing the application process and detailing the steps in one complete PDF document. You can find that document here.

Within the PDF document, you will find each of the following documents that are required for submitting an application. Everything must be completed in order for your application to be fully evaluated. This includes:

  • Cannabis Related Businesses and Activities Permit Application
  • Cannabis Related Businesses and Activities – Indemnification, Acknowledgement re: Public Records & Copyright Materials Release
  • Cannabis Related Businesses and Activities – An Application Submittal Checklist
    • This 11-page document will walk you through EVERYTHING you need in order to submit an application. It’s a great way to stay organized and outlines additional details, like the security plan you will need for your facility.
  • Cannabis Related Business and Activities – Supplemental Info & Initial fee calculation worksheet
    • This worksheet will specifically walk you through the fees you owe the city for the initial application. Basically, anyone with a 20% or more stake in the cannabis company will have to pay, get a background check and fingerprinted. See below for an example of the calculation.


  • Application and subsequent materials must be submitted in a 3-ring binder. They must also be:
    • Single-sided
    • 5×11 sized pages
    • Do not use spiral or comb bindings, but staples will be accepted
    • Building plans are an exception and are allowed to be on larger sized paper up to 30 x 42. They may also be folded, collated, unstapled and secured together with rubber bands.
    • Make sure you include an electronic copy, preferably PDF, on a CD or thumb drive.

The initial filing fee covers the costs of all background checks and fingerprinting. The city will not issue refunds.

  • Once an application is submitted & the Cannabis Related Business/Activity Application Fee is paid, applicants need to make an appointment for LiveScan fingerprinting. You can do this by contacting the Police Department at (760) 323 – 8166.  If you intend to have a 20% or more financial interest in the cannabis business, you must get finger-printed.
  • Once fingerprinting is complete and the city has verified your prints, you will be notified via email if you are allowed to move forward in the process. The next step will be a background check.
  • Once the background check is completed, the application will be reviewed.

Palm Springs is not specific about how many licenses they will issue within each category, but as Green Growth CPA is alerted of further details we will be sure to update this article.

Palm Springs isn’t the only California city accepting commercial cannabis applications on an ongoing basis. We will be continuing a series of articles that detail cities with open application deadlines, so stay tuned.

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