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Neiman Marcus Will Start Selling Cannabis Cosmetics in Select States

The Dallas-based high-fashion retailer Neiman Marcus is the latest in a line of established luxury brands taking the plunge into the cannabis beauty trend.

CBD is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in upscale beauty products. The non-intoxicating cannabis extract can now be found in just about any skin-care product you can think of and is often marketed for its ability to relieve stress and pain without getting you high. Now shoppers can find CBD-infused cosmetics at luxury department store chain Neiman Marcus.

“Cannabis beauty brands are becoming increasingly popular and CBD products are the next big thing in beauty,” said Neiman Marcus beauty buyer Kim D’Angelo in a press release.

The increasing popularity of cannabis-infused beauty products is key to why big luxury stores like Neiman Marcus have started to show interest in them. While numerous niche and smaller-label brands have done quite well selling CBD-infused beauty products in states where the plant has been fully legalized, the past year has seen bigger players starting to enter the market.

Back in September the international cosmetics chain Sephora launched a number of their own products made from hempseed oil—a product that is legal nationally, unlike CBD. Taking the hemp route allows Sephora to sell these new products in every state that they operate in. Neiman Marcus, on the other hand, will only be able to sell their new CBD products in states where cannabis is more broadly legal, which means they won’t be available in their home state of Texas.

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Published: January 18, 2019

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