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Los Angeles cannabis startup launches new product to enhance women’s smoking experience

Los Angeles, CA – African-American female-owned ​Wiild Flowers​,a new innovative company that designs and produces cannabis-related products, is gearing to launch ‘Flower Stem’ ​on April 20, 2021​.Flower Stem is a decorative tube that protects, secures, and stores pre-rolled cannabis joints and blunts.

“The Flower Stem is essential to all feminine smokers by eliminating damage to pre-rolls or half-smoked joints that they want to save for later. It’s inconspicuous, fashion-friendly, and saves you time and money,” explained Carmen Bryan, Wiild Flowers’ founder.

“Those days of crushed blunts and weed crumbs at the bottom of your purse are over,” Bryan promised. “No more home made aluminum foil or paper towel tubes-they just don’t work.”

The Flower Stem is 21 D x 120 H and comes in several different colors.

“To date, there is no product on the current market like the Flower Stem,” claimed Bryan.

Bryan revealed that the cannabis industry currently creates and markets products mostly for men, which leaves women with minimal options. “Our goal is to design and produce cannabis-related products that appeal to and directly impact female cannabis smokers,” she further explained.

The feminine smoker represents almost half of cannabis smokers worldwide, and Bryan believes strongly that they should have a presence in the cannabis-related product marketplace.

“We are for women empowerment and recognition in market places in which women represent almost half of the buying power,” Bryan said.

Bryan further shared that Wiild Flowers’ goal is to meet the demands of female cannabis consumers and aims to create an online presence and a retail presence at the stores that consumers purchase cannabis and the wraps, smoking papers, and the like.

“Along with our online store launch, we are also gearing up to place the Flower Stem in local dispensaries and gas stations,” Bryan answered when asked what they currently do to promote their new product.

Wiild Flowers will be taking pre-orders starting April 1 through their website

About Wiild Flowers

Wiild Flowers​is an online boutique that currently operates in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It is a small company with growth potential and expansion as the cannabis industry continues to boom. It embraces feminine smokers’ desires and is dedicated to enhancing the smoking experience with products geared toward women.

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