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Local School District Takes Stand Against Vaping

CALABASAS (CBSLA) — New advances in vaping are making it easier for kids to use and harder for parents to catch.

As CBSLA’s Lisa Sigell reports, one school district is taking a stand against vaping.

The superintendent of the Las Virgenes School District chose to send out a letter warning parents and students.

“There’s a sense it’s safe or not a health issue,” said LVUSD Superintendent Daniel Stepenosky. “That’s not the truth. Let’s get the facts out there.”

In videos all over social media, more and more teenagers are using vaping devices and at Calabasas High School even kids who have never vaped know it’s a problem.

“It’s definitely an issue. It’s pretty much everywhere these days,” said Lucy Schiller, Calabasas High government member.

“People don’t know the risks involved,” said Alex Cohen, Calabasas High government member.

A new study shows e-cigarettes can potentially release significant amounts of toxic metals in its vapors which users inhale, including potentially unsafe levels of lead, chromium, manganese and nickel.

“Kids’ brains are developing and when they get chemicals in the body like you get from various types of smoke including marijuana, it can have effects on the developing brain,” said Dr. Christopher Tolcher, a pediatrician. “It can effect things like learning and judgement and memory. It can lead to more emotional and behavioral problems.”

Still, the popularity of vaping is growing. Government numbers found 36 percent of 12th graders have tried some form of vaping since 2017.

Students say they know it’s a problem but hope it will get better. They say it just needs to be addressed from all angles — home, school and the industry itself.

The vaping industry released a statement saying it condemns the use of its products by minors and is working to combat the problem.

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