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Liquid Lies? 54 Percent of CBD Drinks Contain Less CBD Than Advertised According To New Study

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Leafreport tested 22 CBD beverages from 20 well-known brands. The results were surprising, and unfortunately, not in a good way.

Product quality is a serious issue in the CBD industry. With no regulation from the FDA or other government agencies in sight, it’s entirely up to CBD companies to prove that their products can be trusted. As a followup to our recent study on the inaccuracies of labels on CBD products, we decided to conduct the same testing on CBD-infused drinks which are gaining popularity.

Like last time, we partnered with Las Vegas’ Canalysis Laboratories, a third-party cannabis testing lab, to determine whether select CBD drinks contained as much CBD as the labeling claimed.

Note: This investigation is part of Leafreport’s ongoing efforts to bring transparency to the CBD industry and educate consumers. You can also check out our report on CBD prices.


Overall, our findings suggest that most CBD drinks contain much less or much more CBD than they should.

This is in line with our expectations because CBD beverages are difficult to formulate and contain relatively small amounts of CBD, which means that variations of even a few milligrams (mg) can have a big effect.

Having said that, here’s a look at our key findings:

  • 54 percent of the products (12 products) contained less CBD than advertised
  • Two products contained no CBD at all
  • 81 percent of beverages (18 products) had CBD levels that were more than 10% higher or lower than what the label claimed
  • 64 percent of beverages (14 products) had CBD levels that were more than 40% higher or lower than what the label claimed
  • Only 18 percent of tested drinks (4 products) had CBD levels within 10% of the claimed amount, which is equivalent to an excellent (A) rating
  • Unlike our first report, we didn’t see a positive association between a company’s overall reputation and their test results. That means that leading CBD brands were not more likely to score well on our tests than lesser-known companies.

Accuracy rating

We rated the accuracy of each CBD drink by comparing the amount of CBD it was advertised to have to the actual level measured by Canalysis lab technicians.

According to cannabis industry experts, +/- 10% is a reasonable amount of variance for cannabis products, which means that a high-quality CBD product is expected to have CBD levels that are within 90–110% of what’s stated on the label.

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Published: August 24, 2020

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