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Last-minute Father’s Day cannabis gift ideas – dog walkers pre-rolls, justice joints, sports cream, sleep aids and chocolate treats

If you have a cool dad who knows and loves one of nature’s most wonderful plants, you may have already decided what to get him for Father’s Day. But just in case you’re struggling to choose or you want to surprise him with a variation on the theme, we’ve narrowed the options for you.

Don’t worry, we’ve also taken into account those dads who are not already familiar with the wonders of the cannabis plant. There are many fathers out there struggling with back or joint problems or dealing with the pain of an old sports injury. What about those who are anxious or are having trouble sleeping? Introduce them to cannabis!

If they are reluctant to try something that will affect their state of mind, there’s always CBD. Be patient with your dad, just as he was patient with you when you were younger, and explain the difference between CBD and THC. Make sure they’re aware of the benefits and healing properties of the plant. And then offer them one just to “try it out.” Something tells us, soon they’ll be asking where they can get more.

OK, so let’s dive into this lovely mix of both CBD and THC-inspired treats.

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Published: June 17, 2021

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