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L.A.’s Cannabis Cafe Is Rebranding and Parting Ways with Lowell Herb Co.

Photo: Wonho Frank Lee
The West Hollywood cafe will now stock a variety of brands while Lowell launches a new venture in Nevada

West Hollywood’s first-of-its-kind cannabis cafe is getting a new name. The former Lowell Cafe will now be known simply as Cannabis Cafe. Other than the name, little about the cafe will change–but it will no longer be publicly linked to popular California-based cannabis grower Lowell Herb Co.

“Since we opened, our guests and employees have colloquially referred to the restaurant as the Cannabis Cafe, when talking about us to their friends and on social media. We’re excited to make the name change official as we focus on the community,” says Ami Gan, the cafe’s V.P. of marketing and communications.

She adds that the shift in name and branding reflects the cafe’s intent to broaden out to include more of the cannabis industry. Taking a scroll of the cannabis menu for the rebranded lounge, guests will find products from 45 different growers, many of them smaller brands like Lola LolaHiggs, and A Golden State.

Partner and executive chef Andrea Drummer, long an advocate for the reform of marijuana policy, echoes the value of bringing more producers into the space. “This important social and historical establishment should belong to the cannabis community and industry, not any single cannabis corporation,” she says. “By no longer being branded with a single company, our Cannabis Cafe will focus on its goal of presenting our diners with as diverse a range as possible of cannabis from small independent growers and entrepreneurs.”

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Published: December 05, 2019

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