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Justin Bieber’s ‘dope-buying spree’ has friends worried he’ll ‘backslide’ into trouble?

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Justin Bieber is known as a lot of things: Popstar, husband, religious man, reformed bad boy, and now apparently a pothead.

That’s what one tabloid is claiming after the performer was photographed buying marijuana from a dispensary. Gossip Cop investigates.

Justin Bieber’s Inner Circle Fearful?

According to the National Enquirer, Bieber’s pals are worried that he is “backsliding” into “reefer madness” after the singer dropped more than $1,000 on cannabis and edibles in an LA shop.

Bieber bought multiple strains and some peach-flavored “munchies.” The shop owner, Brett Feldman, told the publication that the “Yummy” singer was “very interested” in the benefits of the “once illicit drug” and kept asking questions. “[Justin] loves how the stigma is changing. And he smokes blunts,” he said.

The outlet then brings up Bieber’s past admission of drug use, citing his 2018 docuseries Seasons where he recalled getting “super-stoned” and said he enjoyed smoking “a lot,” before saying he had to cut back due to an over-dependence. The publication makes sure to mention the performer had also tried molly, magic mushrooms, and pills.

Now, the paper is purporting that Bieber’s closest friends are worried about his “hard-partying ways.” An unnamed inside source closes out the article by telling the publication that “Justin’s caused a lot of worry and anxiety with his drug use before. All those around him really hope he actually has it under control.”

Should We Be Worried About Bieber?

First off, how much Justin Bieber spends on cannabis is his business. A thousand bucks is nothing to the pop star, and given that other celebrities regularly spend far more on single bottles of alcohol, it doesn’t seem all that worrying.

Besides, it wasn’t exactly a spontaneous and sudden incident — it was far more of a press event than some sort of hedonistic adventure.

Here’s one of the released photos that reveals Bieber and Feldman in one of the least concerning pictures we’ve ever seen.

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Published: August 1, 2021

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