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How “Cannabis Now” was Affected by the Looting and Break-ins Following the LA Protests

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2020 / Broken glass doors and windows, empty shelves, and a very disgruntled building, housing both of Cannabis Now’s wellness store and publishing office, was all that was left following the massive looting and break-in which occurred after a peaceful protest in Los Angeles, California.

For the last decade, longtime publisher Cannabis Now has been one of the most successful magazines delivering news about Cannabis. The magazine covers all aspects such as medical information, political happenings, economic advancements, horticulture trends, and all other relevant information that relates to Cannabis and its developments in the industry. The magazine company has also expanded its reach to the digital world, coming up with online versions of the magazines available on the internet for viewing, as well as in application stores for Apple and Android.

By 2019, Eugenio Garcia, the founder of the company and Anna Pitman, finally landed the opportunity to expand the publishing business. Anna is presently the Chief Technology Officer of the organization while Eugenio is Chief Executive Officer. They opened a Cannabis Now wellness store in Beverly Connection, where local retail employees took care of the merchandise business. The retail store of the company was a wellness organization with the aim of educating consumers about the cannabis plant. They displayed several hemp products from many different brands.

Deciding to make Los Angeles its main headquarters, the company moved its main publishing office to the same place housing its wellness store.

With plans to open an e-commerce website for their store, Anna intended to shoot some pictures of their store and the products from popular and trusted brands in the CBD and Hemp industry, which their wellness store displayed and sold. Unfortunately, this would never happen as the peaceful protests which took place on that day were followed by a horrific scene of looters breaking in, destroying the building’s glass and all their furniture. In the end, the looters managed to steal almost all of their merchandise and empty their storage room and office. Eugenio was also assaulted by several armed men who intended to access their safe. Fortunately, he was able to escape.

It has been truly devastating Cannabis Now as the company operations and its owners have been seriously affected and traumatized by the unfortunate events that took place. Today, they are in the process of rebuilding the structure of their dream, their wellness store, and their publishing office. However, it was difficult for the owners even to get people to cover up the broken glasses of the store. It has not been easy for Cannabis Now, especially with the pandemic at hand.

Still, this company is determined to continue delivering products from the Cannabis industry and news coverage about Cannabis-related developments. The owners are committed to bringing back their beloved company to life with the help of their family and friends. With time and support, the company will surely be back up and running to cater to its committed clients and consumers.

Published: June 30, 2020

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