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High Times Receives ‘HTHC’ Ticker: Everyone Involved Is ‘Excited’

Hightimes Holding Corp., the publishing and events company behind High Times Magazine, Dope Magazine, the High Times Cannabis Cups, and more, has received approval for trading under the ticker symbol “HTHC.”

Right now, Hightimes counts more than 25,000 shareholders, which bought into the IPO through a crowdfunded, Reg A+ offering. This provided the Venice, California-based company with more than $20 million in capital.

“We are excited to start trading and think timing is on our side,” Adam Levin, Hightimes Holding Corp.’s executive chairman, told Benzinga. “We’re coming off one of the most successful Regulation A + campaigns of all time to trade as ‘HTHC’ on the public markets with an enormous base of investors already, and a plethora of opportunities in this market.”

Stormy Simon, Hightimes Holding Corp.’s CEO said, “When you have over 25,000 shareholders who have chosen to come along on this ride with you, involving them in a decision that would represent us for the foreseeable future was a no brainer. We’re excited, our shareholders are excited, and we’re going to continue to ask for their input as we grow into retail and beyond.”

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Published: March 11, 2020

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