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Harris Bricken, UCLA CannaClub Partner to Address Legality of Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry continues to take form, some areas remain unclear in terms of the legal and practical aspects. For this reason, Harris Bricken supposedly partnered with UCLA’s CannaClub to present monthly seminars called “Cannabis and the Law”.

Harris Bricken is popularly known for their Canna Law Blog, which is a forum that discusses legal and practical matters of operating marijuana businesses in the U.S. Some of the areas that they have since expounded and offered advice on include marijuana licensing and registration, mergers, acquisitions and financing deals, assessing leaders for and against cannabis, real estate matters, and cannabis product labeling requirements.

As per Harris Bricken’s reporting, these series will commence February and run throughout June. The areas that are expected to be covered throughout this period entail taxation, business law and social equity programs. While regulators are doing their best in eliminating black markets, they are flourishing stronger than ever, especially in California. Hence, these seminars will address current issues as well.

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Published: February 03, 2020
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