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Graham Farrar and the rise of Glass House Farms

People who live in glass houses should get stoned.

Especially when the glass house is a West Coast farm that grows cannabis on more than half-a-million square feet of space in the famous California sun.

A California Original

Founded in 2015, Carpinteria-based Glass House Farms (GHF) has managed to solidify its place in the cannabis industry in just a few years using Earth-friendly, sustainable farming practices.

In addition to recycling water and growing in the sun, GHF’s farming practices also include using beneficial insects as a pesticide alternative.

Glass House Farms grows on half-a-million square feet of space
Creating cannabis with the power of the sun.

Lately, GHF’s market spot has gotten more-solid as the company recently rose from #67 to #2 among the top-selling flower brands in California.

The rise represents a nearly 4 percent dollar share of California’s total monthly flower sales.

GHF President Graham Farrar attributes the rise to multiple factors, one of which was arriving on-time to the regulated cannabis space.

“We did not start this year, we actually started Glass House Farms in 2015,” says Farrar. “So, you know, it’s not that long in the regular world, but in the cannabis world, it makes you late. At least in the regulated space.”

The Crafting of Quality Cannabis

Farrar says that GHF has spent its time focusing on honing the cannabis craft and growing quality plants.

And while there are significant players in the cannabis game, GHF included, Farrar feels that the truly-big players have yet to show up.

“We might feel like a big brand now,” says Farrar. “But when things really play out, we’re going to be more like the Lagunitas…So our approach is a craft-at-scale approach. We operate kind of a three-legged stool, which is quality, consistency, and efficiency. So first, you got to do it great, then you got to do it great every time. And for us, efficiency doesn’t mean cheap or lazy. It means not wasting things. It means give the plant everything it needs. But don’t give the plant more than it needs.”

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Published: March 11, 2021
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