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Cute Cannabis Clothing to Wear While Celebrating 4/20

Arguably the funniest “holiday” to exist is 4/20. On April 20 of every year, everyone celebrates togetherness, peace and, most importantly, marijuana. Not everywhere allows the recreational usage of weed (so please be careful if you choose to partake), but regardless of the legality of marijuana in your state, you can always wear your support. And as long as you don’t have a joint hidden somewhere in your pockets, you should be good to go with 4/20-inspired weed clothes.

There’s always been a stereotypical sartorial “stoner” look—baggy pants, Bob Marley t-shirt, etc. That’s not really the case anymore, though. I live in Los Angeles, so I smell weed everywhere. (It’s legal here, obviously.) So many people use marijuana for fun, stress and anxiety relief—you name it. Because it’s legal in California, there are fewer of these stereotypical stoners walking around. And, since marijuana usage is becoming less taboo (and maybe legal everywhere at some point), there are cuter ways to hint to the world you’re down to roll a joint or two.

However you choose to ~legally~ indulge this 4/20, do it while dressing the part. Weed clothing is getting much more stylish and mainstream, so you can proudly wear subtle (or not so subtle) 4/20-inspired outfits. I did the searching for you, and rounded up 21 pieces of weed themed clothing for you to shop right now. Even if you can’t actually participate in 4/20, you can show your support with a marijuana crop top, bathing suit or hat—plus so much more. Be safe and have fun, y’all.

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1. Rolling with the Homies Tee, $36 at Valfre

A 4/20 themed tee that makes me think of the ’90s classic Clueless? Hell yeah.

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2. Freshly Baked Swimsuit, $89.99 at High Citi

Just subtle enough to make your grandma think you make cookies or something.

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STYLECASTER | Actually Cute 4/20-Inspired Clothes

3. Cannabis Leaf Graphic Jumper, $12.90 on Etsy

Pretty in pink—with a little marijuana leaf.

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STYLECASTER | Actually Cute 4/20-Inspired Clothes

4. Ganja Cap, $33 on Etsy

Yeah, I’ve been to space—or at least, like, thought about it.

5. Reefer Madness Racerback, $24.99 at Stoner Days

Just cool vibes all around.

6. A Friend Indeed Tee, $36 at Valfre

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Published: April 18, 2019

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