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Cannabis “joints”: Top cannabis and CBD restaurants in the U.S.

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The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything we thought we knew about the food industry—including, but not limited to, how high you can get at a restaurant.

According to the National Restaurant Association, sales in 2020 dropped from $899 billion to $240 billion. Restaurants facing a financial crisis had to think outside the box to bring diners back.

One of the most unique ideas? Cannabis restaurants.

Cannabis restaurants are any restaurants that offer CBD or THC-infused meals and/or drinks, or serve cannabis products on-site. Rather than wining and dining your partner, cannabis restaurants allow you to get high (or, if you’re just consuming CBD, get zen) while enjoying your meal.

Cannabis restaurants haven’t just sprung up in the age of COVID-19, but with more states legalizing cannabis and the increasing normalization of the product, we have seen more of them popping up in the past two years than we did before. The first cannabis restaurant, Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe, opened in California in 2019. It’s temporarily closed at this time.

So where do you find these pot-friendly establishments? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the most popular cannabis and CBD restaurants around the country.

Herbal Notes – Cannabis-Infused Food

Chef Manuel Mendoza, based in Chicago, Illinois, is a medical cannabis advocate, chef, and the owner of Herbal Notes.

He puts CBD and recreational marijuana into some of his favorite Mexican and Salvadorian-influenced dishes.

Some of his past entrees have received universal praise and wide coverage, from a Skywalker OG-infused tres leches cake to green chorizo and queso cotija with cannabis oil.

This is a must-see and must-taste joint to visit if you’re near Chicago.

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Published: December 23, 2021

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