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Cannabis dispensary blocked trans man from bathroom to keep him from “looking at men’s parts”

Dev started recording so that he would have a record of what happenedPhoto: Screenshot/TikTok

A video of a trans man getting denied access to the male restroom at a marijuana dispensary in Palm Springs, California has gone viral after he decided to record the manager who told him to stay out.

In the video, a trans man who goes by Dev on TikTok shows his ID and asks a person he said identified herself as Julie Montante, the co-owner of the 420 Bank and Dispensary to repeat what she allegedly said, that his ID isn’t important.

The employee responds by calling him “aggressive” an employee then comes and misgenders him, using she/her pronouns.

“Try to get over whatever is bothering you,” Montante says.

“The way you’re treating me is what’s bothering me,” Dev responds.

Montante says that she works with an LGBTQ organization, and Dev responds: “You should be fired, because what you’re doing right now is extremely transphobic.

In subsequent videos, Dev said that he regularly goes to that dispensary and that he was hoping to educate Montante because he didn’t want to stop going there. He said that he thought there was a chance that the conflict could be resolved on the spot.

He said he was going to the restroom when he was intercepted by Montante, who refused to believe that he’s a man because his ID still has his deadname on it even though the gender marker has been changed.

Then she allegedly asked him, “What parts do you have? Do you have male parts?” and Dev responded, “That’s none of your business.” Montante then apparently took his response to mean that he’s “a female.”

When he asked what the problem was anyway, the employee allegedly said: “You’re going to be looking at men’s parts and we can’t have that.”

After that, Montante said, “It’s for your protection because it’s not safe for you to go in there because you’re a female.”

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Published: August 02, 2021

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  • Magaly Ordoñez
    August 8, 2021 at 8:29 PM

    Wow, transphobia and racism are part of the problem in the cannabis industry. Dev deserves respect and for his identity to be honored. Trans*, non-binary, and queer people paved the way for having access to cannabis. Montante should be fired, and people should stop going to that dispensary. If Montante worked with an LGBTQ organization she would know better. Do better people.

  • bool
    August 3, 2021 at 5:04 PM

    world is gettig weird

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