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Cannabis Charge Weaponized in Los Angeles ICE Raid

PHOTO U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

An ICE raid in Echo Park sparked local outrage, with a longtime resident (and pregnant mother of two) detained for deportation “justified” by a cannabis conviction from many years ago.

The Central Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park is in shock following a July 21 raid by Immigration & Customs Enforcement in which a local woman was arrested, over the protests of local residents who demanded to see a warrant. Footage of the brief confrontation has gone viral online.

The incident began when neighbors responded as ICE agents attempted to hustle a local woman into an unmarked car. The video shows neighbor Alicia Rivera repeatedly demanding that the agents show her a “signed order” from a judge. The agents apparently flashed some paperwork, but Rivera is repeatedly heard saying, “It’s not signed by a judge, you shouldn’t be arresting this woman.”

“They closed their folder, and they asked me not to intervene and I said, ‘I’m a neighbor and I want to see if you have an order from a judge, you can’t arrest this woman without it,’” Rivera recounted to CBS Los Angeles.

Rivera, a community organizer familiar with the law, claims both that the paperwork the agents had was not signed and was not on Los Angeles Superior Court letterhead.

Rivera’s son, Victor Bowman-Rivera, was also on the scene. He told CBS Los Angeles: “You’re like ‘Whoa’…  Just like that in five minutes… they took her… Boom. Just like that, in unmarked cars and they tell you, ‘We don’t have to show you anything.’ They just leave a note, a number to call.”

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Published: July 31, 2019

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