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Cannabis allowed at New York State Fair this year

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Marijuana is allowed at the New York State Fair this year, and officials say it hasn’t caused issues so far.

April Stec and her family got in line for their traditional visit to the Fair on Sunday.

“I love the Dairy Barn,” Stec said. “I just go to the Dairy Barn. I love the milk and the butter sculpture.”

There’s always a lot to see and explore at the fair, and this year some visitors can do something they’ve never legally been able to do at the fairgrounds, smoke marijuana.
The fair’s director says it’s allowed because of the state’s new cannabis law.

“It’s my understanding in the statute it says anywhere where you’re legally allowed to smoke cigarettes you’re also allowed to smoke marijuana,” fair director Troy Waffner said. “On the fairgrounds, we have no smoking policies in place in certain areas. But in general, the fairgrounds, you can smoke on them.”

It’s a legalization Stec supports.

“I actually think that’s great,” Stec said. “I think it’s a plant and it’s been used for medicinal purposes for years. I think having it legalized federally would be amazing for humans because I personally don’t agree with the pharmaceutical industry.”

Marissa Mejia and her family visited the fair from The Bronx. They’re excited to be at the fair and doing fun things after the months of pandemic closures.

“We’ve been out and about for a while now, but to places this big it’s kind of like our first time back and it feels good again,” Mejia said. “It feels normal.”

Mejia brought her kids and says she’s not a fan of marijuana smoking being allowed at the fair.

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Published: August 23, 2021

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