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California Universities Receive $30 Million to Study Cannabis


The grants, awarded by the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, come from cannabis tax revenue.

When Californians voted in 2016 to legalize cannabis for adult use, they also voted for the expansion of cannabis research across the state, home to some of the nation’s top universities. Proposition 64 stipulated that a specific amount of cannabis tax revenue would be set aside each year, until 2029, for public universities “to research and evaluate the implementation and effect of the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act.”

On November 13, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control announced its first major grant disbursement, totalling $29,950,494, for research focused on “public health, criminal justice and public safety, economic, environmental impacts, and the cannabis industry.”

“The research conducted through these public university grants will provide critical information for evaluating our legal cannabis system and its impacts,” Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Lori Ajax said in the announcement. “This research will be a valuable tool to inform future cannabis policy in California.”

Here are the universities funded, the amount, and the research topics:

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Published: November 16, 2020

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