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California Cannabis Farmers Refuse to Evacuate as Fires Spread

Cannabis farmers in the communities of Post Mountain and Trinity Pines, California are refusing to evacuate their cultivation sites even as the August Complex wildfires close in and weather forecasters predict more fire-friendly conditions, the Associated Press reports. 

The small towns are about 200 miles northwest of Sacramento.    

Trinity County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Nate Trujillo told the AP that many of the residents that don’t want to leave the area because the cannabis farms are “their livelihood.” The communities – located in the famed Emerald Triangle – have about 40 legal farms. Authorities estimate there are as many as 400 unlicensed grows. 

Mike McMillan, spokesman for the federal incident command team managing the northern section of the August Complex, said that while fire officials plan on going door-to-door to tell residents to evacuate they “are not going to die to save people.”

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Published: September 29, 2020

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