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50 Black-Owned Restaurants To Order Or Pick Up From In NYC, LA, & Beyond

Either you’ve mastered your cooking skills in quarantine or you’ve become an expert at navigating the Uber Eats app. There is no in-between. If you’re partial to the latter (no judgement), consider ordering your next meal from a Black-owned restaurant. Even if you’re an expert in the kitchen, taking a night off from cooking for yourself to order from one of these acclaimed eateries isn’t only a form of self-care, but also a way to show long-term support for the Black community.

As the pandemic has negatively impacted small businesses across the globe, both your money and customer loyalty are much needed to help these small restaurants stay afloat. No matter the city you reside in, there are countless of Black-owned food spots to choose from, in addition to coffee shops, juice spots, bars, bakeries, and ice cream shops to indulge in as well.

To help speed up the ordering process, TZR compiled a list of some of the top Black-owned restaurants in five major U.S. cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. If your city is not on this list, fear not, as resources like Yelp and have expansive restaurant directories that cover cities all over the country. Get ready to indulge!

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Published: June 09, 2020

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