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20 cannabis-related products to elevate your 4/20

Happy holidaze.  Mike Falco / InsideHook

‘Tis the high holiday.

While today might be just another Tuesday for some folks, it is for many others a day of celebration as it’s the high holiday — 4/20. If you’re still confused as to what’s so special about this seemingly unremarkable date, we will explain.

The story goes that in 1971 a group of five high school students in San Rafael, California, used the code 4:20 in reference to a plan to search for abandoned cannabis crop based on a “treasure map” from the grower. Eventually the tale was published and popularized by Steven Hager for the cannabis-centric publication High Times, and thus the “holiday” was born, co-opted by potheads and counterculture enthusiasts alike who have continued to help it grow into an increasingly accepted and widely observed day.

If you count yourself among those celebrating today, take a break from those massive bong rips to indulge in some higher-end cannabis accessories, ideal for making future weed consumption (and 4/20s) all the more enjoyable and sophisticated. While we’re not hating on a good ol’ classic joint, there’s no harm in elevating the experience, whether it be with an ashtray inspired by German art or seashell-shaped pipe, especially considering the constant influx of cannabis products as the herb (thankfully) becomes less stigmatized and frequently legalized. So sit back, toke up and get to treating yourself.

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Published: April 20, 2021

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