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10 Healthy, Productive Things To Do While High

I am no Van Gogh, but it sure is calming to paint while high. (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett/Green Entrepreneur)

It’s 2020 and the lazy stoner stereotype no longer holds up.

There are so many stimulating activities—both physically and mentally—that you can do while consuming cannabis. The high isn’t necessarily the end goal, but a meaningful accompaniment along on the journey.

That’s because productive cannabis users are normalizing marijuana, actively rewriting the narrative every day. Who are these high-functioning stoners, you ask?

They have things to do, nothing romantic, but are busy with life. They use cannabis to alleviate stress, anxiety, manage pain, and even gain energy. They seek healthy and mindful activities to do once they are stoned. No judgement here for the binge-watching TV type of nights, those are needed, too. But you may find these activities can be more rewarding. It’s all about balance.

Here are ten healthy, productive things to do while high at home.

1. Yoga

Yoga and weed? Self-care 101. There’s a reason for all the cannabis-themed yoga classes gaining popularity in legal states. Yoga is a beautiful activity to pair with weed because it is centered on breathwork. An uplifting edible or a few tokes off of a joint before your yoga session can help you find awareness of breath and bring you into your body. For a fun, zippy, energized feeling, I would recommend a Sativa strain like Pineapple. Lean into the body-intelligence, take a few hits, a big drink of water and enjoy your flow. Reward yourself with the rest of the joint post-session as you lie in savasana.

2. Discover Your Old Records

It’s a Saturday. You’ve got a nice warm, stoney mood on the horizon. What to do? A great use of a cannabis high is to direct your energy in search of some hidden gem. If you’re a music fan like I am, a trip to the local record store, antique shop or thrift shop is ideal. Get lost in the aisles of interesting knick-knacks, or simply beeline it to the stacks of records. Your attention to detail will be heightened if you smoke a mellow, chill hybrid like giggly Jilly Bean. The quest is the fun part. Adding a rare Lou Reed deep cut to your vinyl collection? A perfect day.

Stoned + Toned workout videos are an inspiration. (Photo by courtesy Imad Bolotok/Stoned + Toned)

3. Exercise

Cannabis can be a healthy part of your workout ritual. It comes easier than you might think. “You’ll never find me working out without smoking or popping a low dose edible beforehand,” says cannabis workout guru and Stoned + Toned Founder and CEO Morgan English. “Not only does it help ease inflammation or pain I may have, but more importantly, it brings me to the moment.” The elusive “zone” is something you can tap into with cannabis. Your heart will thank you for its increase of blood flow, pumping oxygen to your sweet limbs.

“Everyone should be health-conscious in their own way; and for me, cannabis helps with that,” English says about her own exercise ritual. “Cannabis keeps me motivated and happy during workouts, which then fuels me in a different way for the rest of the day.” An energetic Sativa like Golden Goat will inspire you to get those running shoes on. Start with a small microdose, as low as 3-5 milligrams, then see how you feel about 20 minutes in. Good music is a must.

4. Peruse Your Bookshelf

If you’re a literary nerd, what are the two best scents on earth? Super potent, skunky weed and the pages of a freshly-opened book, in that order. Getting high and then perusing your bookshelf is a fun way to put your brilliant, philosophical stoned mind to work. In Los Angeles, California, the bookstore population has dwindled but there are still some gems like Stories or downtown’s legendary The Last Bookstore. Indulge post-quarantine by wandering its aisles on the high of a sweet hybrid like Tangerine Dream. Become the Hemingway of weed.

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Published: April 15, 2020

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