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​What’s Next in Cannabis

The U.S. cannabis industry has undergone a wide variety of shifts in the past few years, ranging from individual states legalizing adult-use consumption at record paces to high-profile legislators warming up to the benefits of de-scheduling the substance. Whether we’re examining changes on municipal levels or the federal government’s evolving stance on legalization, one thing is clear: things are changing, and quickly.

Leaders in the cannabis industry are closely following the near-daily changes in the nationwide cannabis industry, and have ideas of their own as to where the winds are blowing. Here’s what four industry executives have to say on what’s next in cannabis:

Access to Financial Institutions

“I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t see some clear legislative shifts coming down the road. Access to financial institutions and concrete banking solutions are on the horizon for the cannabis industry. There are far too many resources and cooperating businesses and municipalities for the legitimate cannabis industry to stay stagnant as far as money management and compliance. As the push for deschedulization gets stronger, the need for steadfast reliable compliance and management systems will be of utmost importance and very popular.”

— Mike Kramer, Co-Founder and CEO of 420 Blockchain, the first enterprise-level seed-to-sale Blockchain solution in the cannabis industry

Legislative Posturing

“As we watch the developments in the news about the national conversation on cannabis federal legalization and/or de-scheduling from the controlled substances act, it looks to the casual observer as if we might really finally be at the end. That the Senate are right on the cusp of this major change in view, with Cory Gardner & Mitch McConnell making positive noises from the “right” about cannabis, states’ rights and hemp, while we now also have Chuck Schumer, a long-time drug warrior from the “left” saying it is time to de-schedule, it is critical to remember that this is an election year.

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Published: May 04, 2018

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